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Meet The Team


John Wighton FRAeS

Managing Director

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John's career began at British Aerospace (Hatfield) where he completed an Undergraduate Apprenticeship.  He joined the Stress Office working on TA9/10 (A330/A340) Airbus wings, HS125, BAe 146 at which time he realised a passion for engineering analysis.  He worked at HW Structures as an analyst and thereafter, in 1988 created his first business to bring computational methods (FEM/FEA) to companies who could not afford (or understand) how to use them.  He set up a JV with GE Plastics [design division] which led to rapid growth in the deployment of engineering thermoplastics across a wide industry base.   Divesting ownership of that company in the mid-'90s allowed him to re-focus on specific capabilities in aerospace and automotive product development.  The company achieved UK CAA Design Organisation Approval in the early 2000s.  9/11 led to a reduction in privately funded aircraft programs which had become the mainstay of the consulting business.  John then changed strategy, reverting to blue-chip clients (GKN, Ford, Fokker, Daimler Chrysler, Cobham, GSK, Lockheed, etc) to build the business.  Acroflight's current client portfolio consists of SME, start-ups (eVTOL) and research projects, such as involvement in the Rolls Royce ACCEL electric aircraft program.  

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Dr Bill Brooks FRAeS

Consultant Aerospace Engineer

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Dr Bill Brooks is an experienced aerospace design professional in the Microlight and light aircraft design certification arena. Apart from working as Technical director of P&M aviation for 12 years, projects have included rebuild, major powerplant modification and test of a Jodel DR1050, defining rules and running Human powered flight contests, competing on Scrapheap Challenge 4 times including the winning biplane built in 2 days, design build and test of the 1899 Pilcher Triplane and winning the Worthing Birdman contest with a homebuilt design.

Bill started working with Acroflight in 2019 as a consultant.  He has worked on a 911 era Curtiss Headless Pusher project, several aspects of the RR ACCEL electric NXT aircraft project, a Supermarine S.5 replica, the 1911 era Avro-Curtiss Waterbird (E-conditions Competent Person) design, modification and flight trials.  Bill is currently working on a replica Fokker D VI project, creating the design data, aerodynamic loads, etc.

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Jonathan Howes FRAeS

Consultant Aerospace Engineer

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Jonathan Howes is a consultant with specialist skills in aerodynamics, rotorcraft and a background in aircraft compliance and certification. 

Jonathan obtained an MSc in Aircraft Design at Cranfield.  He worked at Plessey, the ARA and ML Aviation. He then joined the CAA as Head of Loads and Dynamics, Deputy Head of Structures and Materials. After leaving in 2006 he created AeroDAC (aerospace design and certification) and Isentropic (specialist in pumped heat energy storage and gas turbine energy storage.

Jonathan provides valuable consulting expertise for rotary winged projects and bespoke applications.

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