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Drone surveys and survelliance

In 2018 Acroflight initiated  based studies for a local land owner.  The subsequent data analyses was conducted by a leading Agronomist who identified potential areas of increased yield, improvements to drainage.  Acroflight, as Digital Twin experts, identified the opportunity to interface the Agronomist's findings into the pysical task of improoving the farming procedures.  This included integrating yield improvement data into automated metered delivery of fertilizers and seed distribution.


Acroflight and it's partner company operate a range of UAV (also known as UAS or drones) from the DJI S1000 Spreading wings (payload to MTOW 11kg gives a 4kg payload for 15-18 minutes of work), Yuneec Typhoon H (including UV and normal HD cameras), DJI Mavic Mini (249g category, with camera) for roof inspections and general imaging.  Our fixed wing UAS includes customised versions of the Parrot Disco with multispectra sensors and BVLOS capability (not-licensed at this time).  


Current tasking includes roof inspections, in-factory promotional shots (see also our Digital Twin capability) and bulk material estimating (site/earth-works shift and policing of contractors claimed bulk material removal rates).

Drone surveys and survelliance

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