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Acroflight has been expanding its engineering services since its forerunner's establishment in 1988. Our aim has always been to lead the engineering community towards a technologically-advanced future. For each project, we work carefully to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients and their needs.

From SSDR, through LSA, VLA, CS/FAR 23 onto CS/FAR 25 large aircraft and UAS/drones, we have a solution for your engineering, certification or operational challenge.

In 2018 we pioneered AI based Digital Twin technology and have been awarded a consortium place in on-going EC funded R&D in this area. 

In 2019 Acroflight was selected as a contributing sub-contractor to the Rolls Royce ACCEL program being managed by Electro Flight,  see the latest here: https://www.rolls-royce.com/media/our-stories/innovation/2018/introducing-accel.aspx

The EU funded consortium project TCTOOL is now active, with a dedicated website here: https://www.tctool.net/ 

We have some great things planned for 2021.  These include supporting Rich Goodwin Airshows and the introduction of his Jet Pitts. More info here: https://www.richgoodwinairshows.com/


Acroflight will be demonstrating a 3rd Pitts at airshows throughout 2021, including Weston Park.  This is a 40% scale RC model which sports livery as per G-EWIZ, Rich's Pitts Challenger.  Sponsorship from the great people at anana more info here: http://www.anana.com/

Our Air Race E contender, a converted Taylor Titch (eTitich) is now in the workshop, we will provide updates of this project on a dedicated web page. We are looking for sponsors and to partner with a battery/motor supplier.

For the rapidly developing VTOL (and mixed VTOL/CTOL) air taxi EV marketplace Acroflight is developing a specific capability.  The efficient design of aircraft/rotor-craft depends upon the availability of accurate structural loads (both internal and external).  Acroflight has, since 1998, created a loads generation package that knits together both VTOL and CTOL flight envelope derived loads, including transition stage flight.  The loads modules, developed over time and thoroughly validated for a variety of projects, are being pulled together into a user-friendly GUI.  The resulting product, available via consultancy contract with Acroflight, significantly reduces the time and resources previously needed.  This enables your design team to have almost real-time access to flight and ground loads data - hence enabling better optimisation for lighter mass and improved product performance.


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We create innovative engineering solutions and implement them in projects that benefit a variety of industries. Our advanced engineering Research and Development includes Aircraft Design, UAS Operations & Risk Analysis. 


Our capabilities are meticulously planned and managed to provide a cost-efficient, on-time delivery to our clients and the end-user.

Research & Development - E-Conditions Projects, Electric flight vehicles, RPAS / UAS Programmes

Aircraft Modification & Certification

Engineering Design/Analysis and CVE Support

Crashworthiness, Birdstrike, Ditching and other PRA. Simualtion & Test.

Avionics Engineering - STC, ADS-B and 8.33kHz, MAWS & Deterrent Installations

Life Extension - Fatigue & Damage Tolerance

UAS Design, Systems Integration.  Operations & Risk Analysis

Modifications and STC.  Aircraft design changes, interiors, external payload, seats, galleys, etc.

GFEM - Global Finite Element Modelling, FEM Configuration Control and DFEM.

CFD - Design Aid, Product Optimisation and Loading Data Generation

Test preparation, simulation and management.

We help OEM's plan, simulate and achieve successful full scale tests.

Static, Fatigue and GVI


Get to Know Us

We are a team of professional engineers working hard to improve the way our clients perceive a service provider.

At Acroflight, we understand that the decisions we take today have a huge impact on the success of our client's Program.

This is why we strive to make sure our work reflects such high standards and to ensure we deliver on time, every time


Acroflight's staff have been providing cost-effective engineering analysis and design since the mid-eighties following our CEO's apprenticeship graduation as a stressman from BAe Hatfield. Experience gained since then in consulting and via our own CAA DOA has strengthened our capabilities.

It is our mission to give best-in-class service.   We give engineering capability to customers without extensive in-house design/analysis tools.  We supplement over-stretched resources at larger companies and provide additional specialist skills. We believe the best way to achieve these goals is to provide a capable, efficient and friendly service that is wholly transparent.  

In 2013 we took over the assets and IP of an established UK based engineering consulting firm. The Directors, Shareholders and Associates have developed a robust business plan that will enable the strong baseline performance of the company to expand.  We pride ourselves on having access to the industry’s best specialists and consultants.  

Please see our Services area to clarify the extent of the company’s capabilities and to examine a small selection of the projects undertaken by our people.









We create simulations of structures, systems using state of the art software and via our own bespoke KBE driven toolset. 

The world of the Digital Twin has arrived!



Research & Development

High Performance, Efficient

Aircraft Design


UAS Operations & Risk Analysis











+44 (0) 203 815 6587



+44 (0) 203 815 6587


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